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Imonar the soulhunter

Posted: 13 Dec 2017, 15:37
by Phaeton
After a truly epic cutscene of the vindicaar flying off to somewhere else we find ourselves near a hallway. The whole moving forward to spawn the boss while he stands the wrong way round because blizzard expected everyone to have moved forward is just awkward but hey let's see how this fight actually goes on heroic. Sleep canisters have a bigger aoe, okay we can live with that. And we have boulders roll in over the bridge as we do the obstacle run, seems reasonable. After slightly readjusting how we positioned we made great progress on the fight. The bridge crossing went okay with one of our bear tanks leading the way as spearhead. Getting to the last phase already on the first attempt it seemed like a welcome change from the struggles we had with Hasabel. An attempt or two later we reached the last phase mostly unscathed and Imonar was no more.