Lady Ashvane

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Lady Ashvane

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Ah who doesn't remember the epic horseback chase around boralus while trying to apprehend Priscilla Ashvane. Eventually the Alliance does manage to capture her and lock her up in Tol'Dagor. Unfortunately those pesky horde free her and deliver her to Sylvanas who seemingly has "other" plans. We meet up with lady ashvane in nazjatar again uncovering she is making azerite weapons for Azshara. Being as witty as a Disney villain lady Azshvane eventually is turned into a fishy abomination waiting for us to put her out of her misery.

The fight is quite interesting as several structures spawn inside the playing area which attempt to heal her. To handle these properly a lot of different raiders will need to soak up bubbles causing them to suffer from a dot. Not only does the raid need to handle these properly a bit further on multiple pairs of raiders are responsible to zap these structures into oblivion. This requires some more coordination and communication to efficiently handle but we managed to learn the mechanics relatively quickly. The main issue now was DPS or moreso the lack thereof but while we were building up to the peak of our output we proved that Ashvane approved of less DPS as well.


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