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N'zoth, the corruptor

Posted: 24 Mar 2020, 17:09
by Phaeton
As we find ourselves in the inner chambers of N'zoth's husk an eye-balloon is inflated which is..him :?: Right since it's an old god the fight mostly revolves around getting our minds attacked and slowly going insane. The raid takes place in 2 realms at the same time. The physical realm which mostly deals with a plethora of tentacle adds and the mind realm in which a large boss creature called tychus..psycho... tykho....Psychus needs to be killed. The mind realm requires a lot of movement to not stand in bad stuff and careful killing of stationary tentacles to debuff Psychus causing him to take more damage. The fight doesn't change a whole lot from normal so we made decent progress. The biggest hurdle was getting the half of the raid who was not familiar with the mind phase completely comfortable with it. Once that was achieved we found ourselves in the last phase which serves mostly as a damage check in my opinion. Initially we were quite a bit off but once we managed to streamline our damage onto N'zoth himself during the small windows of opportunity in the intermissions we managed to get him down. And so the final epic cutscene starts were we the "champion of Azeroth" charge our heart of azeroth and blast N'zoth and his black empire into smithereens. And so all of Azeroth is freed of the corruption of the old gods...or is it