Closed: Tardmuffin - Survival Hunter

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Closed: Tardmuffin - Survival Hunter

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Real Name: Rob

Your age: 37

Character name:

Character class:

Main spec:

Off spec:
I've dabbled into MM and BM abit here and there, nothing major tho.
But I could definitely figure out MM if one of you were cruel enough to strongarm me away from surv.

Other characters:
Im somewhat of an altoholic, so I have capped everything except the warrior.
I -think- my hunter is my best geared one atm, maybe not in terms of ilvl but definitely in terms of proper gear.
Other than that my warlock and pally are heroic geared from SoD. Also, a brewmaster which is decently geared from m+.
Trelldom - Bronzebeard
Numpty - Bronzebeard
Foodbar - Bronzebeard

Times and how often online:
I'm definitely someone would call a avid gamer, but I dont really spend too much time on other games than WoW.
It has been a passion ever since my first steps in Shadowglen mid-vanilla. I dabble into different coop-games with a couple of irl-friends here and there, but I most certainly spend most of my time in WoW.
When Im not working a rough gestimate would be around 5-8h everyday and the occasional 1-2h after work.

Raid experience:
On my applying character I've participated in clearing heroic SoD. My warlock has the same, with a additional kill on Terragrue Mythic.
In CN I have also cleared everything heroic and 7/10 mythic.

Please provide us with your armory link and/or a warcraft log link ... tardmuffin ... ybracket=1

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem:
Thats absolutely fine by me. I can get abit clammed up in big crowds, but I am defnitely not a typer whenever someone adresses me.

Previous guild(s): Casual Pizza Cats - Bronzebeard
Reason for quitting:
It was a hard decision to make, but I definetely think its time for me to move on.
Signup-numers are dwindling. Half the guild consists of people who stops playing the game until we've cleared half the raid on mythic.
The atmosphere amongst most people have started talking a toll on me aswell seeing as the trend of being negative to everything seems to be all the rage nowadays.

I think, in short I dont belong there anymore. When its good, its great but when its bad it really takes a toll. I pay to play this game like everybody else and think Im entitled to make choices that will ensure I leave the computer in a better mood than when I sat down.

Also, theyre horde.
I just...I cant. Ive tried my damndest to embrace Org and the color red. But after being a boy in blue for 13 years I have to make things right again.

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game:
Im most certainly a person who enjoys my time ingame the most whenever raiding or smashing keys.
As previously mentioned, being an altoholic I really enjoy dabbling into all classes and speccs. I really enjoy m+ as a whole, and doing keys from different roles rarely tire me out.
Ive tried ever since Legion to get properly into m+ tanking, but routes and different +10 affixes still kinda scare me.

As a raider I like to think Im someone who focuses on carrying my weight.
Self-analysis is really hard, but I do think Im one of thoose who can sometimes be abit thickheaded when learning something new. Learning by doing has always been my go-to, so I usually need a couple of tries to work out all the kinks.
Then again, I like to think I have good concentration. When Ive learned something and gotten into the rythm of a boss, Im not one to frequent the awkward mistakes lists.

Being a boomer I also think its considered a good upbringing to show up on time and get to the entrance myself.
I dunno why, but I always feel ashamed when I once a year have to ask for a summon..

Not really all that big on pvp, even though Ive tried numerous times to get into it.
Other than that I usually do the odd bit of solo-content here and there. But I think most of my time is spent semi-afking waiting for someone to ask for keys :lol:

What do you expect from joining Retired?
I scoured the forums on in search of a recruitment post and stumbled upon your guild.
I was mainly looking for alliance guilds with posts who didnt contain more or less generic babble. Your post prompted me to look abit more into you, and your post with your guild history was a fabolous read! It defo left me wanting to explore this possibility further.

What I expect is however alot harder to answer.
Its tough saying what to expect seeing as I know nothing about the guild/guildees, other than what Ive read so far.
I'd rather say I hope to find a guild of like-minded people who value players over characters and personalities over parses.
That being said, I do enjoy being alongside people who know what theyre doing and put their best effort into it. I hope this guild consists of people who enjoy doing content without resorting to screaming-matches whenever someone fails.

Why are you the right person for Retired?
A dark, brooding voice accompanied by a thin, veezing laugh!
You can also have my many, many hours spent in the game to use as you see fit. Im always up for smashing keys of all kinds, and while raiding you can count on me to pretend I dont care about lewtz.
Im an easy-going guy who always seeks contact with people I play with. I care about people around me are having a good time and I am very much looking for a solid community to join up with.

Im also considered a "veteran" of the game, having played since mid-vanilla.
Ive lived the life of a so-called hardcore gamer seeing as TBC was the time where I pretty much no-lifed the game to absurd amounts. During mid WotLK I took several steps back and realized I had to start focusing abit on rl-obligations so I could get a proper job and so on. Its sort of a time one looks back at and thinks "Im kinda happy I did that, cuz it was such a crazy fun time. But Im definitely not going back to that lifestyle!"
But ever since Ive had more of a proper balance between irl and my gaming hobby.
In short, I would say Ive been both high and low in this game, seen alot and experienced most of what it has the offer.

A sidenote would be that Ive taken up video-editing the past year (covid amarait)
Ive been doing my current guilds kill-videos and some other fun tidbits here and there. So if you ever need anything made Im definitely your guy seeing as I find it tons of fun.

Describe yourself:
Im a norwegian currently residing up in the icy north of Sortland. I work as a process technician for a Dutch-owned company that makes feed for the aquacultural industry.
My spare-time mostly consists of gaming like previously mentioned. Other than that I work out, drive my friends crazy on the local bowling team, tenting and the occasional fishing trips. I dont particulary enjoy fishing, but people around here are fanatical about it, so I have to attend once a while so I dont get thrown out.

Other comments:
I do realize most of you started laughing when you saw a surv-hunter applied.
I have a soft spot for speccs people call useless, okay? The oh, so glorious meta can go nibble on a big fat doober, long live the underdogs!

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Re: Tardmuffin - Survival Hunter

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Hi Tardmuffin, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.

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Re: Tardmuffin - Survival Hunter

Post by Phaeton »

Could you contact Aurica or myself on bnet